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Are you looking for strategies to help you with the ups and downs of motherhood?

Are you pregnant and wanting tools to keep yourself emotionally well during this big transition?

Have you found being a mum more challenging  than you expected?

A Mother’s Toolkit is a self-paced online course designed by Dr Hannah Woolhouse, a perinatal psychologist with over two decades of clinical and research experience in the field of maternal mental health. Designed to be simple and easy to follow for busy women, you will learn practical strategies to improve your mental health.

About The Course.

A Mother’s Toolkit includes 5 Modules:

MODULE 1 – Mindfulness as your foundation

MODULE 2 – Defusion for unhelpful thoughts

MODULE 3 – Effective self-care for mothers

MODULE 4 – Self-compassion for difficult emotions

MODULE 5 – Bringing it all together to create your Toolkit

Each Module includes: a short video; a guided meditation practice; readings for deeper understanding; reflective questions to guide journal writing; and recommendations for relevant podcasts and books.

At the completion of the program you will create a personalised Toolkit including a range of evidence-based strategies for looking after your mental health, and being your best.

What you will get.


For around half the cost of a single session with a psychologist, you get lifetime access to all course content as well as your own Toolkit.

Choose from 2 membership levels:

Full access with digital and mailed hard-copy Toolkit – $100

Full access with digital only Toolkit – $75

Your Toolkit

At the end of the program, you will create a personalised toolkit that you can use to support your mental health, and refer to in difficult times. It will include your own mindfulness practice plan, specific strategies for challenging times, a self-care plan aimed at preventing mental health problems, and practices to build your self-compassion.

About Hannah.

Dr Hannah Woolhouse is a perinatal psychologist with over twenty years research and clinical experience in the field of maternal mental health, dedicated to improving the well-being of women.

She runs a busy private practice in Victoria Australia, working with adult women during pregnancy and the postnatal period who are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, adjustment difficulties, relationship difficulties, reproductive loss, pregnancy decision making, issues around termination, and parenting. She is proudly associated with both the Australian Association of Psychologists, and the Mornington Peninsula Obstetrics team at The Bays Hospital, Mornington.

Hannah achieved great success in her research career which spanned close to 20 years. She published over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles on maternal mental and physical health, presented her research findings at national and international conferences, and ran invited training sessions in the areas of mindfulness, maternal mental health, and relationship conflict and domestic violence.. One of Hannah’s most influential papers (published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) demonstrated that maternal depression is more common at four years postpartum than at any time in the first postnatal year. This paper generated worldwide media attention, and the implications of this finding are informing policy developments in perinatal services in Australia and the UK.

Hannah’s doctoral thesis explored the effectiveness of a mindfulness program for women with binge eating problems. Building on this work, Hannah led a pilot study to evaluate a mindfulness-based group program for pregnant women at the Royal Women’s Hospital.

Hannah’s work has been profiled in the media, including articles in The Guardian, The Washington Post, and The Age, and radio interviews (including an invited interview with the BBC). She has written for The Conversation (New mothers making time for themselves reduces chance of postnatal depression) and was selected to appear in the Brilliant Minds campaign, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. Hannah is passionate about gender equity, advocating for the wellbeing of mothers, and supporting women to do life-changing work during this phase of life.

Dr Hannah Woolhouse

Disclaimer: Please note, this program is not designed as psychological therapy, and is not adequate to treat current mental health problems.

Included with the course


At the end of the program you will create your own toolkit. This booklet includes summaries of the course content, as well as space to personalise your self-care plans. Choose to have a mailed hard-copy or digital download.